Ok I know that there will be lots of you who have ridden the trail from end to end but I'm looking for anyone who has tried to vary the route, like jumping off at Orting and doing some loop or nice climb, that kind of thing,we ride he trail every Thursday night and we are now at the stage where some of the guys struggle to keep up so we where thinking maybe have a few routes so as to split the group up a bit.
Also have to mention a couple of climbs outside Orting on the Orville Rd E, first try Fisk RD E nice climb although it has a gravel section in the middle for about three quarters of a mile it is easily done on a road bike, decent is pretty cool nice flowing road minimal traffic, then try Camp 1 RD at Lake Kapowsin 5 miles of climbing although it dead ends at the top it is well worth the effort.
Hope someone can share some stuff with me thanks