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    Portland, Oregon area bike commuters: Want to participate in an OHSU study?

    This looks interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by email I received
    Principal Investigator: John Mayberry, MD
    Co-Investigators: Melissa Red Hoffman, ND
    William Lambert, PhD
    Ellen Peck, RN

    This one-year prospective web-based study aims to quantify both the
    incidence of traumatic injury associated with bike commuting in Portland,
    Oregon and the impact of an injury on the individual's subsequent health and
    employment. This study will also collect data regarding the "near misses"
    which bike commuters experience as they ride to and from work. Although
    bicycle commuting has been common in Portland for decades, the injury risks
    associated with bicycling to work are virtually unknown.

    There have been no studies of this size or scope published in the medical
    literature. Up to 1,000 self-defined bike commuters will be recruited
    throughout September 2007. Once enrolled, subjects will be requested to
    fill out an initial online survey that will take no more than 15 minutes to
    complete. At the end of each month, from October 2007 through September
    2008, subjects will be asked (via email) to fill out a brief online survey
    regarding their bike commuting habits for the past month. The survey will
    usually take no longer than five minutes to complete., but may take up to 15
    minutes to complete if the subject experienced an injury or a near miss
    during the month.

    As compensation for time spent, participants will receive an enrollment
    package containing items provided by Ben and Jerry's, City of Portland and
    Flexcar. Upon completion of each monthly survey, participants' names will be
    included in a drawing for a variety of bicycle related items, including gift
    certificates from the Bike Gallery.

    For more information, and to enroll in the study, go to
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    OBRA Community?

    Mind if I shoot this off to the OBRA (Racing) community. I'm sure there would be a few folks there interested?

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