a ride with a message:

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As part of the Washington County Bicycle Safety Campaign
(http://www.andwebike.com/), Portland Velo has organized a ride this
Saturday, 9/22 at 9am at Long Bottom Coffee off Everygreen Pkwy in

"Complete Tim's Ride" is an organized ride to raise awareness and promote
bike safety. The ride will retrace the route that Tim O'Donnell took before
his tragic death last June. Featuring a "silent start" led by the riders
who were with Tim, the ride will also pass a ghost bike at the location
where Tim was killed. There are 51 and 35 mile options, at varying pace.

Coordinated by Portland Velo: http://www.portlandvelo.net/

Download the ride route:
http://www.andwebike.com/Complete_Tims_Ride_Route.pdf ;(PDF file)