Hopefully not breaching any regional post etiquette rules...didn't see anything prohibiting trade inquiries...be happy to remove from the forum if I am

Wanting to trade for a larger (at least a 58) cross-type steel frame of comparable worth and condition (need Canti posts):

I have:
2003 black powder coat Lemond Poprad in excellent condition; no chips or scratches. Only cosmetic mod was removal of the long "lemond" seat tube decal. size as measured : 55cm C to c seat tube, 56 cm c to c top tube. Comes with a black Gunnar fork, threadless w/ cane creek headset (unless I'm trading for a headsetless bike frame)

I want:
Ideally I'd love a direct replacement in a Poprad, black, 58 to 60. I'm planning to just swap all my current parts over. Any nice cross type (high BB) in steel with canti posts and a decent color scheme would work though. I won't use this forum as a means to rail against the LBS that convinced me to take the too - small Poprad frame as a replacement for the beautiful Mercian road frame they sold me, then destroyed by over torquing and stripping, and cracking the seatlug. I promised I wouldn't name the shop, unless you live in Eugene OR and PM me.

Frame has less than 1000 miles on it, never raced. I want to try my hand at the CX scene in Portland this coming year, and can't stomach this tiny frame any more. I live in Portland, but can cross ship (get it..."cross" ship?) if you're not local.