Have the use of a friend's vacation house near Omak for a couple of days in October. Thinking about doing a 3-4 day "mini-training camp" to enjoy some fall sunshine, wondering about good rides. It's a little far to go scout the roads in person, so looking for some inside knowledge! In a perfect world, we would be able to find:

  • at least 3 different rides with relatively little overlap, distance anywhere between 60-150 miles
  • road bike friendly, though we can ride a couple miles of good gravel if it is necessary to connect paved road systems
  • the more climbing, the better!
  • low traffic, tertiary/county/forest service roads (as long as they are paved) preferred

the hwy 97-20-155 loop via republic looks very nice, (a long day at 150 miles, but doable), but probably the highest-traffic roads in the area. (still probably OK)

I know many of the smaller tertiary roads heading up towards Loomis & Enterprise are paved, but not sure where the asphalt ends and how they connect up. Likewise, there's a ton of county roads east side of town around Omak mt./Tunk Creek Rd., surely some are paved, but there's not enough resolution in the sat. images on google to tell.

Help me find the great riding out there! TIA.