Hello all!

I'm contemplating doing this tour, and was just wondering if anyone has done this before? I have a fair amount of wiggle room for deviation from the course because I have roughly 12 days up, and 13 days back.

I'd be leaving from the Amtrack station in Klamath. It looks like there are a few different routes that can be taken, so any advice (including on the weather, etc.) would be great!

Here is my proposed route for anyone that's ridden any of these:

97N (concerned about heavy traffic and that it might be boring. Is there an alternate route for this looong stretch?)

Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway West. (Lots of good info online about this one, seems great)

Hwy 18 SW (no idea what to expect)

101 S (any tips for camping, etc.?)

58E (no clue, looks very rural though)

Maybe up to Crater Lake, then back to Klamath depending on time.

Any advice from the locals would be much appreciated! Thanks!