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Last week on Tuesday, May 19, a van hit bicyclist Jim Chu, who was having a
lunchtime ride along Orchard Street south of I-84 in Boise. Jim died two
days later as a result of severe traumatic brain injury. He was wearing a
helmet at the time of the crash.

Jim's funeral will be held on Friday, May 29, at 1:00 p.m. Services are at
the Cathdral of the Rockies, located at 11th and Washington near downtown
Boise. Burial will occur at the Dry Creek Cemetary.

The family wants bicyclists to lead the funeral procession partway from the
church to the cemetary, and they hope for a large turnout. There is no
requirement that you attend the funeral service itself, but the family
welcomes all who wish to come inside. If you are available and want to join
just the ride, please arrive at the Cathedral of the Rockies around 1:45
p.m. on Friday. The procession will stage on 11th Street, and will be fully
escorted once underway.

I hope that you can join us on Friday, and please accept my apologies if you
receive this message more than once.

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Department of Philosophy
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