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    Seattle Bike Move, June 30th

    Bike Move!

    I'm moving from Capitol Hill (18th and Prospect) to the U-District (50th and Brooklyn) and I need your help!
    Here's the deal: on Tuesday, June 30th, you come to my house with a bike, preferably with some cargo capacity. I will be waiting with a bunch of heavy boxes, beer, and my world famous bicycle mounted 55-gallon barbecue, from which I will conjure delicious pizzas, and other vegetarian foods (If you want meat, the grill is open, but I will not provide it).

    What's that you say? You can't make it on the 30th? Worry not, my fellow wheelmen, because I will be moving twice! Once, on the 30th, into my office (at the UW), my partner's house, and a friend's house, and once more into my new studio apartment later that week, or on the Fourth of July (right before the Fourth of July Cargo Bike Parade, which I am sure you will all be attending).

    My name is Josef Taylor, and you can call me at 206 261 8194 or email at for more information.

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    Wellll........ if you cook up a 'meat pizza' you might get me there with my mongo pickup truck.
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