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    Bike Camping This Weekend - July 3-5

    Cycle Wild presents: Bike Camping!

    This upcoming weekend is the Fourth of July, and Cycle Wild is taking a long trip up the Clackamas!

    We'll be riding up Highway 224 and NF-46 into the National Forest into the realm of pristine streams and old-growth forest, to camp in primitive settings outside of the USFS campground system. This will be the most advanced camping trip of the year in terms of skills needed - our next camping trip at Stub Stewart will be much more beginner-friendly.

    This trip will start from the Cleveland MAX station (eastbound end-of-the-line in Gresham) at 9am sharp. There will be no on-site facilities: no showers, no toilets, no potable water. We will pass a number of campgrounds on the way out where water can be obtained. There will be pre-staged firewood on-site - fire risk is low, so fires *are* permitted in the National Forest at this time.

    Dates: Friday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 5th
    Departure Time: 9am July 3rd, from Cleveland Ave. MAX station
    Arrival back in Gresham: late evening Sunday
    One-Way Mileage: 62 miles
    Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny, highs of 74-81, lows of 48-54. No rain expected.


    Additional Notes:

    1. This is a fully self-supported ride. This is *NOT* a beginner ride. We are not discouraging beginners from coming, just be aware of the skilled nature of this trip.
    3. Bring extra food and water. There will be a food stop in Estacada, which has a full-service grocery and a full pharmacy (which also has spare tubes and minor bike supplies)
    4. Bring a minimum of 2 tubes, a patch kit and a frame pump - Hwy 224 has gravel, and sometimes small sharp rocks near the canyon walls.
    5. Bring a light. It will get very dark at night - there will be no nearby light sources, and finding your way to a suitable sanitary location at night could be problematic.
    6. Bring a small shovel and some toilet paper (unscented, biodegradable) - the campsite will have NO toilet. Talk to me about proper "disposal" techniques.
    7. VERY IMPORTANT - Bring suncreen, bring bug repellant!
    8. Bring rope to hang your food. We did not have any issues last year, but there may be animals that might try to get into your food, and while rare, the Clackamas is home to black bear.

    Minimum Gear List

    - Tent/Hammock/Tarp to sleep under
    - Sleeping Bag or blankets
    - Riding clothes
    - Comfortable shoes
    - Bike lights
    - Additional light for in-camp
    - 2L or more of water storage
    - Food for 2 days
    - Spare batteries for lights
    - First Aid Kit
    - Compass
    - Emergency Blanket (Mylar)
    - Whistle
    - Waterproof Matches
    - Patch Kit
    - 2 Spare Tubes
    - Tire Levers
    - Hex Wrenches/Multitool
    - Plastic or folding shovel
    - Toilet paper
    - Sunscreen
    - Frame pump
    - Some reliable means of telling time

    Recommended Additional Gear

    - USFS Map - Clackamas Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest
    - Camp stove and fuel
    - Sunglasses
    - Swimsuit
    - Towel
    - Sandals
    - A Book/Game/Something to Do
    - FRS Radio
    - Zip Ties
    - Duct Tape
    - Bungie Cords

    Please contact Matt Picio at 503.781.5095 with any questions thanks!

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    16 confirmed so far - this is going to be a great trip! If you're coming, bring a couple of trash bags - we'll need to pack everything back out with us when we leave.

    Hope to see you there! Cleveland Avenue MAX station in Gresham at 9am!

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