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    Any riding/touring experience on Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forest roads 23, 88, 90?

    Hi, some friends and I are biking out of Portland for the long weekend. We were thinking of biking to Trout Lake via 141 (which i've done before, so no info needed there) and either do a loop up around 88 & 23 back to trout lake; or up 88 (or 23) to 90, then west to 30, then back down to Carson. (Walking Man Brewery in stevenson....

    (We're getting picked up at the end to go back to Portland so a round trip is not necessary)

    Any experience on these roads? The ranger station wasn't super helpful. Are there gravel patches on 88? Is 90 pretty busy? Is 88 or 23 better for getting to 90? Would the 88/23 loop be prettier/more pleasant than 88/90/30?
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