Iím wondering if thereís a good resource to find out about recent accidents/collisions/murders/whatever you want to call them. Specifically in the Portland area. The other day (Thursday, July 9th at around 6:15), I was on my way from Beavertron to Portland on Hwy 10 or the Beaverton Hillsdale Highway or whatever itís called and I noticed people were giving me waaaay more room than normal. Every single car, it was definitely not just my imagination (I think). I thought it was weird. Then I noticed that there werenít nearly as many cars going my direction as there normally were (there were a lot going the other direction though). This made me think maybe there had been an accident somewhere behind me and I thought it likely involved somebody on a bike since people were giving me so much room and everything. Then I saw what may or may not have been a life flight helicopter going from the general direction of the accident into Portland.

BTW, Iím gonna post this in a couple different forums so my apologies if youíve already read this.