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    Ride 542 Mt. Baker Climb finish/times

    I did the Mount Baker Hill Climb for the first time on Sunday. At Artist Point I hung out for a while, watching the competitive class arrivals. I headed back down fairly early, to do the descent before the road was reopened to car traffic.

    I felt so good that I didn't take it easy at the bottom, and kept up a good clip. When I arrived back in Glacier, there weren't too many other riders. I got my socks and medal, checked out the (lack of) scene, and headed back to my truck where a couple of beers awaited me in a cooler.

    I asked a couple of other riders if the times would be posted online and was lead to believe that they would. On reading the official website today, it said only that times would be posted in Glacier in the afternoon. I know that my time was somewhere between 1 hr. 51 min and 1 hr 52 min (per my cycle computer), depending on where the exact finish line was. I was registered in the RecFast division. I could have easily shaved a couple of minutes off by starting near the front and getting out of the crowd earlier.

    Are there any riders here that hung around Glacier into the afternoon and could tell me what I missed, and maybe how my time compared with others in my division? What kind of schwag was handed out?

    Had a great time. Will be back next year, probably for the DUMB 100 miler. I felt I could have done it this time. No more HPC, unless Cascade changes the date.

    edit:just saw "results will be posted by Tuesday morning" on the website.
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    I hung out in Glacier for maybe 30-45 minutes after I rode back into town. Not a ton of stuff going on from what you probably saw:

    - Band started to play behind Graham’s
    - There were a few booths set-up (T-shirts, Costco, Massage, Food Tent)
    - And of course the tables where you pick up your free socks and finishing ‘medal’. They also sold jerseys from this year (red) and previous years (green and blue).

    Fairly well organized – wish there was more stuff going on up at Artist Point but that would have been tough to manage by the organizers.

    This was my 1st year and I’ll be back next year.

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