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    Seward Park to White Center w/o West Seattle Bridge...?

    I know this can be done by car, but I'm not sure which bridges are open to us. And, in truth, I really don't know the industrial district very well - all that land by Marginal Way is a mystery to me.

    But I like to ride down Lake Washington Blvd to Seward Park, and find some kind of loop route home. These have been getting longer, and it'd be nice to head out to Lincoln Park and Alki on the way home. The West Seattle Bridge is the obvious route back, so, in the spirit of a good loop, I'd love to find an overland route south of the bridge.

    Anybody know a good one?
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    As far as I remember, the bridge Ralph hit and they replaced can be ridden over to Avalon Way.

    You can cross the river down south at the Fourth Ave. bridge, I think. Been 10+ years and the Fourth Ave. bridge was being worked on.

    Other that those to points of egress, I haven't a clue. I was a cabbie in Seattle once, also.

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