Hey everyone. Got some disturbing news from my brother tonight while out to dinner with my mom for her 50th.

His bike was stolen when he and his roommates were broken into a week ago. He goes to the University of Puget Sound and lives on North 8th Street - between the tracks as he calls it.

The bike is a Nishiki International that I pieced together as my first C&V project. Black frame with a red fork, RSX group. He never let the thing out of his sight - always brought it into class and even kept it locked in his room (he lives with a rowdy bunch of his fellow soccer teammates). That doesn't do much good when the bastards break in and take all of your other valuables as well...

If any of you local members could keep your eyes peeled on the streets or on Craigslist, I know for a fact my brother would be psyched to have it back. You can contact me here on the forum with any findings.

Thanks all!