I took my bike to Tacoma on Saturday. The weather forecast called for a downpour with a side of rain, so, naturally, I took the rain bike ... only to find gorgeous sunny weather. Not that I'm complaining.

Before I left, I copied what wound up being three pages of notes, by hand, from a book that had suggested the ride. Go left here, the street name changes but keep going straight, turn here there, etc. I was keeping them in my left back pocket ... once I got to the waterfront, I wanted to see what to keep an eye out for next, and found I no longer had my notes. I did manage to find Point Defiance, though, and, with directions from a pedestrian, I made it back. I even recognized one of the streets the guy told me to take, thanks to having written it down earlier. But, I missed the university district thanks to my bumbling ways.

Before the ride 'officially' started, I decided to climb the biggest hill I could find, to warm up (it was sunny, but cool and crisp). Here was the view coming back down - it's a mediocre snap shot, but it was a fun descent.

The waterfront.

You can never have too many pictures of your bike.

Here I was playing with my new toy camera, a Sony with a panorama feature.

I didn't go this way, but it looked worth checking out next time.

The Colvos Passage, between the peninsula and Vashon Island.

The bridges, from Point Defiance.

All in all, it wound up being a nice, but short ride, with about 1,600 feet of elevation gain over 25 miles. The ride I planned to take was about 30 miles.