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    Best/favorite way to ascend from Lk WA BLVD/Lakeside towards Cap Hill?


    Just like the title says. I'm commuting in from the south end now these days and have time to take longer/more scenic routes two days a week, and am looking at coming north on Lakeside/Lake Washington Boulevard and eventually ending up around Broadway and Madison, but I'd be happy to overshoot some to the further north if it meant ascending the ridge via a bike friendly or particularly scenic road. Likewise, I'd exit Lakeside a little sooner for the same reasons.

    Any recommendations? I think I've only descended in this area, other than riding all the way to Interlaken Park on my way further northward. Anyone taken the Old Cable Car Trail? Is it feasible to ascend it mounted?

    Many thanks!
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    I used to go up Madrona from there. Sometimes I'd take LWB up to Madison, but I don't remember where I went from there. In fact, when I visited with my bike a few years ago after over 20 years away I got lost somewhere doing that, or at least on a lot of streets that didn't go through.

    I'm watching the Seahawks right now. I used to go to games at the Kingdome.

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