I am somewhat new to cycling, so take this with some salt.

To me, pro cycling is the lab for PEDs and I do not see how to stop it. Why is it the lab?
#1 results. If you are making new PEDs, few sports will give you the feedback of cycling. While it takes more than strength, endurance and recovery to be great at cycling, no other sport tests those 3 things so clearly
#2 testing. Cycling tests. As such, makers of PEDs want to have them used in cycling to find out if they are detectable with up to the minute tests
#3 testers. I believe there is no shortage of riders willing to risk (getting caught and the health effects) in order to win. To add to this, PEDs are just sort of the sport, like it or not. I do not think there is great shame peer to peer for taking them. To add more . . . I do not think there is really global shame on those that fail, unlike some other sports. When these stories come up, people are not surprised and not really that upset. Barry Bonds is getting death threats and is hated by millions of folks. Landis is a freaking afterthought.

The issue (not that this idea is new) is that it is just a culture of using this stuff. I see no way to stop it. It is cat and mouse. Try new stuff, hope it does not get found. Try old stuff in new ways for it not to get found. When something is found, attack like crazy and say they just are out to get you.