I posted this in the general cycling and touring forum but was thought this might be a better place for this - since some of your guys/gals have ridden in France. I own a bike tour company and have some new products and ideas we want to implement. I am looking to hire someone to film some video footage, take professional photos, edit a DVD and produce various videos that will be put on my website. But, to keep costs down, this person should also be into cycling, and very good at driving.... Because whoever I hire would go to France with us for the shooting, and would need to be the driver as well - and able to drive vans through narrow cobblestone streets in tiny villages.

Included in the research would be sampling the food and wine.... (Ah man, someone has to do it! )

My preference is to find someone with video/photography skills who has already ridden/driven in Europe, has a good working knowledge of GPS systems, and even better, who speaks a little French.

[OK, so I may not be able to get all of that in one packaged person, but you never know until you ask!]

We have a fantastic new product idea and will need investors and maybe even partners. If we get the funding, this could be as soon as 3 weeks this summer, and perhaps a few weeks several times per year for the next few years (in other areas of France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, etc etc etc).

We can't pay the industry standard for producing a DVD/video, because of the high costs of travel expenses involved, but maybe someone would be willing to discount his/her services due to the very cool nature of this opportunity.

To get an idea about what exactly I do for my self-guided tours, check out my blog and read the posts on self-guided cycling. One of my goals is to create video support for my clients:

Or check out my website at www.vivatravels.com, and click on Velo Concierge.

If you're interested, or know someone who might be, contact me at info@vivatravels.com.

Ride on,

Jennifer Sage