I've watched a number of the major stage races, but I've never raced, so I'm not that aware when it comes to team tactics. When I was reading the thread about how Cadel's team is killing him, I started giving consideration to the role team tactics play in the tour.

In the most basic sense (and yes, hypothetical), how much different would it be if a second team was present that could rival the tactics offered by CSC? Seems that the yellow jersey group always features up to a half-dozen CSC guys (obviously the number decreases as the race winds on and CSC riders fall back after doing their work). CSC just dominates these stages, but, somehow, Cadel still has found a way to hold his position.

Are most of the teams "roster" weak as a result of a weakening of the rider pool related to expulsions, suspensions, non-invitations, etc? How would a team such as Astana (Contador, Levi, Kloden, Horner) impact the race? Would the race be more exciting with a number of teams being represented in the yellow jersey chase group?

I'm much more interested in team tactics - I'm turning into a CSC fan - than individual riders, so I'd like to hear how the tour could be (as it is hypothetical) different with another strong team or two present.