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    Please Read: Grand Tours Thread Info

    Hello fellow enthusiasts. The Grand Tours are finally here, and many of us will be following them. We would like to encourage lively discussion, analysis, and prognostication, etc., while minimizing frustration and disappointment. We offer the following guidelines.

    Stage threads will be made stickies a few days in advance. They will remain stickied for a few days following the stage as well.

    In the stickied threads:

    * Expect to find information that could spoil things for you.
    * Do not post speculation about riders/teams doping. After the fact discussion of any riders testing positive during the race is fair game. Suspicions or assertions made before a confirmation is made belong in another thread.
    * Refrain from speculative posting regarding the future of Team Astana.
    * Be respectful of others who may be pulling for a rider or team you may happen to dislike.

    If you wish to start your own thread with no spoilers, that's fine, but include the words "No Spoliers" in the thread title.

    If you wish to start a thread to discuss doping, that is fine, but please contain the discussion of the topic to the identified thread(s).

    Threads deemed of similar topics may be combined at moderator discretion.

    As always, respect your fellow enthusiasts, and make a good faith effort to follow the Forum Guidelines.

    Thank you,

    USAZorro and Jaxgtr
    BF Mod Team
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