one of the shows on my local NPR station will have an hour devoted to the TdF at 1pm CST (2pm EST). I REALLY like the show host (he does a call-in "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know" on Fridays w/ people calling in and asking all kinds of questions and others giving answers) and he always does good stuff. Not sure if it'll go into any depth, but I thought you all might be marginally curious Go to and just click on the "Listen" lik to get the radio show. Here's the byline:

Glenn Mitchell Show
1 pm: The Tour de France began on Saturday, July 3rd and this year it's a really big deal. We'll find out why it's such a big deal with cycling and sports Guru Craig Miller, co-host of the Dunham and Miller show on KTCK "The Ticket" and James Glave, senior editor for Outside Magazine.