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Old 08-27-09, 05:07 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by DMF View Post
Yeah, but they can and do check hematocrit level. That severely limits the effectiveness of blood doping.
Same argument could be made for EPO et al. The hematocrit limit has been in place since the 90's. It didn't stop anyone from using CERA before they knew it was detectable, and it didn't stop the Op Puerto crew from blood doping. If the rats are to be believed, Fuentes was just one of many...
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Concerning the differences in times on a course like L'Alp D'Huez...

Keep in mind that also the way the race is panning out can have a big influence on the end times for a particular stage. For example, how many attacks are occurring? Is the stage in a part of the race where a lot of race leaders are pushing hard or not? I can imagine that being a big factor in end times.

Not to mention the entire stage before the climb... is the climb occurring after 100 miles of riding? Were the leaders pushing out front that whole time or getting rest? Is it in the middle of the stage? All huge factors.
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Originally Posted by challaday View Post
I hadn't seen that particular issue with the new stadium, but it is really hilarious. But Jerry Jones on steroids could explain many of his stupid decisions like his penchant for facelifts.
Im certainley no JJ fan but he built the stadium with specs signed off and approved by the NFL. Hes also one of the most winning owners in the history of the NFL...he could have been even more winning if he would stop trying to be a coach.

As for testing turning the corner on doping....nah...the dopers are just back ahead of the curve again...the testers will catch up soon enough to the latest and greatest and then their will be another whirlwind of positives.

I for the record could care less. Just ride fast and entertain me.
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Originally Posted by luxroadie View Post
They were on UPPERS

boniek1982 - your logic here is that

1) all people who rode in the 50s were clean,
2) all people who ride in the 90s and beyond are riding much faster than those in the 50s,
3) drugs make people ride faster

Therefore - all riders in the 90s and beyond are on drugs.
great post. and to boniek1982 i will use one sport were i dont think steroids has been used quite as much as other sports. look at 50s basketball...LOL, then look at it now.
now whether cyclist are on steroids or not, you dont think that nutrition, lighther parts, better components, better compounds, and a natural progression in human beings is not a factor? that would just be ignorance.
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Originally Posted by patentcad View Post
Actually, you are being oblivious, considering that fact that F. Coppi rode the Alpe several minutes faster than Lemond in 1952 on a 20 lb + ancient bicycle. Bugno and Indurain were both sub-40 minutes as far back as 1991. What were those guys on? Coffee?
EXACTLY.................Anyone who has ever played the ponies knows how useless final times are unless you account for all the variables which is really impossible to do. Greg Lemond or anyone else who really thinks they can accurately predict "final times" are missing their calling. They could be making millions at the racetrack instead of looking like whiners and witchhunters.
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Just because there is a test for something doesn't mean a rider can't take that drug and beat the test. They have margins of error, especially with things like EPO (to prevent the supposedly common "false positive"). All they have to do is keep the dose low enough. Lab technicians have even been paid by dopers to find out how high of a dose they can get away with.

Originally Posted by DMF View Post
Yeah, but they can and do check hematocrit level. That severely limits the effectiveness of blood doping.
That doesn't even stop riders from going over 50%, let alone stop them from using it. Even so, late in a grand tour, a rider is supposed to have a lowered HCT... a boost from 40% to 50% could be huge in those circumstances.
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