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    You can shoot up tons of EPO and then mask it if you have the right connections

    Oh, so clean cycling is just a myth, all the favorites are really just the favorites because they are guys with the money and the connections... I feel so naive having thought most of the favorites are probably clean.

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    Greg LeMond believes a 20-30% gain can be made through the use of EPO/HGH.

    But thats Greg Lemond talking out of his ar$e.

    So you think that LeMond didn't take drugs? How in the course of a couple of days, mid 1989, he could go from being shelled out the back at even dropped by the sprinters in the mountains of the Giro to finishing on the podium during the final time trial - and then going onto win the Tour and the Worlds???... Seeing Greg go up the final climb in the worlds just made a complete mockery of everyone in the race. An impressive piece of big gear climbing.

    Hmmm, the first half of the season is a complete disaster for LeMond with many races not even finished and then "oh, I have an iron deficiency".

    Certainly a honking doper himself, maybe not with EPO but a honking doper none the less.
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