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Old 07-16-11, 07:14 PM   #26
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If nothing else, Floyd is one intelligent guy. Smart? Ahh.... but intelligent, yes.
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Originally Posted by Cat4Lifer View Post
Lance's way of BSing doesn't seem all that smooth to me
I understand and feel the same way. But that's because of a long history of knowledge and experience with Lance. In the early days nearly everyone has been taken in by Lance and the Lance machine.
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You guys need to understand doping in professional cycling and other professional sports is not a decision, it is a requirement. There are likely guys that chose not to dope, and you have never heard of them, because to win you have to dope. Just like in baseball everyone knew it was happening, and no one talked about it. Then one day someone decided it was bad. Now old timers like Lance, Jan, Ivan are getting called out for playing within the "unwritten" rules that were changed.

Do you really expect Lance to come out and say "I did PEDs? He has a multi-million dollar empire based on his reputation. He knows he did it, and all the others know to, but as long as he can keep a doubt out there he will, and I don't blame him. Floyd is bitter because he got busted, and now has nothing to really fall back on. Unfair maybe, but such is life.

What would you do? You can ride the Tour, or find a job? Of course if you want to ride the tour doping is required. Really what would you do? Would you give up professional cycling? Really?

Heck there are desk jockeys at my gym on roids just to look better.

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I think for anyone with good moral character (i.e., knows the difference between right and wrong, truth and lie), it is a bitter pill to swallow (pun intended). Pandora's box has been opened, and too many top officials at UCI are implicated and they cannot close the box. There would need to be a complete purging of the ranks and it would gut the sport's reputation for at least a year and huge fortunes would be lost. Anyone with any common sense realizes that this scenario will never happen.
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It was a great interview in any case. It opened my eyes a bit.
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Old 07-16-11, 08:44 PM   #31
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It is better for blind Americans to feel outrage and pretend that anyone who doesn't test positive is racing clean, including Lance, and those who get caught are intent on bringing down all of the "clean" cyclists. LOL.
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Originally Posted by Northwestrider View Post
It was a great interview in any case. It opened my eyes a bit.
Getting the blood bag delivered in public in front of everyone was *great*!
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Whatever else he may be, Floyd Landis has a ton of heart. When he lost all that time in 2006, he didn't blame his team, he didn't make any excuses, he just said he had a bad day and the next day he put in one of the most courageous attacks in Tour history.
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Old 07-17-11, 12:45 AM   #34
Nick Bain
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"then there going to come back with, would you jump of a bridge"? "That's just ****ing dumb." ha.
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Originally Posted by SunSwingsLow View Post
Whether Landis is telling the truth or not. I could care less. He took public donations for his defense knowing he was guilty.

f landis
+1 I quit listening to that db a long time ago. People can't sugar coat his character by saying he's somehow admirable in some other area. He's a liar, a cheat and an admitted doper. His 15 seconds expired years ago.
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Old 10-16-12, 09:25 PM   #36
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So now it's being said that Lanids lied ("blew things up") when he "came clean."

Allen Lim says that Landis’ accusations against him were false and that he has testified under oath to that effect...

though a bulk of Landis’ original memo on doping to authorities has proven true, Lim, a Boulder-based exercise physiologist says this account is inaccurate. In an e-mail, Lim told VeloNews that Landis named him because the former U.S. Postal rider had an axe to grind and knew that Lim was aware of his doping in 2005...

“I believe that Floyd made the accusations he did about me in 2010 because he knew that I knew what he had done in ’05. I also figured, but don’t know, that he was mad at me for working for Lance and that he resented my attempts to thwart his doping,” Lim wrote.

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Sea Green Sky
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It's not Halloween yet, you shouldn't resurrect threads from the dead
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well if there's one cycling zombie that just won't die, it's floyd.
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