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    NBC Announcers double down on dumb

    Near the end of the TT they say this will be the best finish for France in 40 years.

    In the post race show they go one step further saying that this will be the first time in 40 yeara that France will have 2 riders on the podium.

    I immediatly thought 1984.

    No not the book, the 1984 TDF. The one where Hinault and Fignon finsihed second and first.

    Even Americans might remember thisrace because Greg Lemond (riding for a French team) finished 3rd and won best young rider.

    I was willing to let this go when it was just one anouncer losing it, but now the others are repeating and enlarging the mistakes.
    Perish any man who suspects that these men either did or suffered anything unseemly.

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    1st & 3rd in 1981 (Hinault & Alban), 33 years ago.
    History is the future

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