I ride a 2003 Fondriest Crossroad that I assembled last year and did some racing with it. I did not ride with it a lot since I had my bike 1 or 2 weeks before my first race so i just suffered without ever really knowing my bike. Now that snow melted and trails are opening I think I might have a braking issue as my road bike (campy brake only levers with 105 brakes) are outperforming my 105 combi levers with Shorty 6 brakes...Is that normal? I thought the cantis would be much better. I even put orange Kool stop pads but it did not help enough.

I think that my problem may be from the 105 levers not being as efficent as campys but cantis should be able to make up for the lack of braking power...or am I just being ignorant..

My other question is if anyone has ever experienced Velomax Circuit wheels in 'cross ... I'm looking for a good set of wheels that I can use for training and off-road riding.

Thx for all