Hi! Im new to CX only have regular roadbikes, but I wanna start a build project with a cx bike, and thought this would be the place for a few tech questions.

Have only ever tried caliper and v-brakes, how is the feel of canti brakes? Do they they make a lot of noise like v-brakes have a tendency to? Ive read somewhere that they were tricky to set up by yourself is that true? Whats the difference between long and short cantis?
Ive seen some bikes have xtra brakelevers on top of the handlebar -neat! - how does one install these?

Is there any advantage to using mtb specific deraillers (especially rear).

How wide a tyre can a cxp33 rim take, is it possible to put on a 32-35mm cross tyre for winter conditions or should I go for an extra wheelset with wider rims for heavy conditions?

Im planning to go double in front with 38/48 and 13-26 in rear (my roadbike is 39/53 12-21) is that to high a gearing?

Thanks in advance!