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    Cross Stem Length?

    Just finishing up my first cross bike and I need some help with stem length.

    Seems like many people (myself included) will have a stem length that places the handlebars where they obscure the view of the front hub when the hands are on the hoods. I just put a Thomsen 110mm on my bike and I'm wondering if it might be a bit too long. It obscures the front hub but seems a wee bit stretched out.

    Is there an advantage in cyclocross to having the stem longer or shorter for performance or control reasons? Does anyone have a preference...hub obscured, handlebars in front of hub or handlebars behind hub?

    Many thanks.

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    The hub obscured thing is not really a rule, but more of a quick and dirty guideline. I wouldn't base my decision on that alone. Think of it this way, any number of stem lengths can put your bar along a line from your hub to your eye, but most of these will not be ideal positions. I'd say if you feel too stretched out, then you probably are. Try a 100mm. Personally, I like to run 100 mm for off road, and 110 or even 120 for road riding, although all can work for me. With the longer stems I spend less time on the hoods, and more on the ramp of the bar.

    And as a side note, I love my Thompson stem. It is like a peice of granite-solid.

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