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Thread: Frame Dilema

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    Frame Dilema

    I recently decided to upgrade my hybrid to a sport touring bike. So i ordered a Marinoni Ciclo.

    Then i decided one day to try comuting to work. well guess what, i love commuting to work. So my focus for cycling has just done a 180.

    I was doing 2 hours ride a night after work. Which is why i wanted a sport touring. Its as fast, snooth and comfy a bike i can think of and still take fenders and a pannier. I wont be racing, just fitness, leisure, enjoyment.

    They have not started on my frame yet so i can change it to their cross frame if i wish.

    So theirs my big dilema. Do i stay with the sport tour or switch to the cross. I wont be touring, i wont be x racing. I will be doing 50k a day, 5 days a week, year round. Vancouver weather means i just need rain gear I would also be doing a few weekend centuries in the summer, and occasional group rides.

    So my priorities in order would be
    -50k daily commute round trip, with 1500-2000 ft hills total each leg
    -group rides

    What differences would i be seeing ? Both are steel frames with carbon fork, and i would be getting a veloce group. Both can have disk brakes mounted, along with a rear rack and fenders. Would the sport tour be more comfy on the century and faster on the group rides?

    Or would both be fine, with the cross able to turn faster in the urban nightmare of traffic and easier bunny hopping of all the small smart cars?

    Anyone use their cross on centuries and group rides and notice much of a slow down compared to a regular road bike? here is the geometry differences.

    Sorry for asking whats most likely been asked a bazillion times. But spending a couple grand on a bike is a lot for me, i just want to make sure i make the best purchase.

    -If you cant see it from space, its not a real hill
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    MAybe you missed what you wrote? A cyclocross bike isn't designed to take fenders though you could probably force them on. A "Sport Touring" bike is basically a cyclocross bike set up for fenders.

    A modern cyclocross bike generally has pretty sensitive steering while a Sport Touring bike relaxes a little.

    But both those marioni's are virtually identical.

    I see two problems -

    1) The threadless stem means that you can't get enough height to the bars unless you put in a lot of spacers and use a road stem upside down.

    2) There is only marginal clearance for finders even on the Touring model.

    check out the differences yourself:

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    look at the geometries. theyre probably very close. find the few areas where the frames differ, and then look up those angles/tube lengths online and see what they do for a bikes ride. decide from there. Id probably go with the sport touring, since your riding sounds more like sporty touring than cyclocross racing. check the geometries and ask specific questions!

    youll be happy whichever way you go

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