I cross-posted this in the SS/FG forum as well, but since the Rob Roy is a SS CX bike, I figure I'd post here as well.

Yes, I've tried the search function and other than, "I love it" by someone who sold it less than a year later, I haven't found anything substantial. Unless that's my clue not to buy it, I'd like to get some more useful feedback before I make my final decision.

I'm looking for a bike to commute on, and do some 3-4 hr rides. My priorities are comfort over speed, durability and low speed handling and maneuverability for getting around in traffic. Mostly urban use that includes curb hopping and some small stair jumping/climbing.

If you can offer your opinions & experiences w/ the Rob Roy, it would be greatly appreciated. I've also emailed Tony w/ the same questions, but I'd like to get user responses as well.