So, about 2 years ago I decided to get into road/cross riding as I had been exclusively a mountain biker to that point. Because of my "dirty" background, I couldn't go all-out road which led me into the cyclocross realm. So I picked up what has turned out to be one of the rarest frames I have seen (at least in southern Wisconsin). I have a Torelli cyclocross frame made of columbus zonal alloy tubing. I built it up with a mix of Ultegra (rear der, sti shifters, bb) and 105 (crankset) components, a raw kinesis alum. fork, avid shorty brakes and some other standard parts.

What I soon realized is that I really liked riding on road and don't need a 'cross bike. Because I have no basis for comparison, I'd like to find out through the wisdom of this forum what the bike is worth. I don't yet have pictures to post but I will soon. It's in near-pristine condition with one scuff in the paint on the down-tube due to poorly restraining it on a trunk rack.

Anyway, does anybody know anything about these bikes with regards to value? I'd kinda like to get into a road-specific bike and I may be selling the Torelli. I have some interested parties but I don't know what to say it's worth.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance.