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    Airborne Carpe Diem

    I'm posting this quick report having not even ridden the bike yet so I'll post another after I actually start beating the bike like a rented mule.

    I'll be picking up my new Carpe Diem today after a long bumpy road.
    I owned a Cannondale XS but sold it after I realized for what I needed it was the wrong bike.
    I did love this bike in certain situations. In rock and root strewn trails that head shock was a wrist saver. But the headshock also raised the head angle on the bike too much and dismounts were a bit scary. I did an expert mtb race on it and placed in the top 10. If I had the cash I would have kept that bike in the garage.

    I sold it and bought a Pro-Ti Jackal from Schwab Cycles. After building up the bike my shop mechanic discovered that the rear brake bosses were welded to the frame too high on the seat stays. SO no brakes would work on the bike. Also there was very little tire clearance on the frame. I had to have the frame stripped and sent back to Schwab.
    Then I had to find a new frame AGAIN. After some reasearch I bought the Ariborne frame. It has HUGE tire clearance. Lots of braze ons and disc mounts. Its titanium and has a sloping top tube. With a Q carbon fork built up with Drua Ace it weighs about 18 lbs. I can't wait to start racing the tits off of it!!

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    Yeah, the Cannondales are not very popular where I am, though I think it has something to do with a crappy regional sales rep as well. It will be interesting to hear about the Airborne.

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