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    Ritchey Zero WCS DS on a Trek X01 question

    I wanted to get a 2nd wheel set to put slicks on so I can switch back and forth between off road riding and on road distance rides I do, without having to change tires constantly. I just got a brand new set of Ritchey Zero WCS DS Pro Wheels pretty cheap ($160)... brand new... I read some reviews, some good, some bad, and am now wondering what other's opinions are on this wheel set. I've seen reviews on older sets of these wheels making reference to heavier riders shouldn't use them due to people experiencing spokes breaking (don't know what kind of riding these folks are doing). I'm 6'1", 210 and am currently using the stock Bontrager Selects with no issues other than some truing here and there due to some fairly rough riding.

    Also, the whole OCR thing on the rear tire.... I have a trek X01 that I'll use these on... am I going to have to do something fancy with the avid shorty brakes due to this? the trek is running a 9 speed shimano 105 drive train.

    Thanks for any opinions/advice.


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    I'll have to check when I get home, but I'm pretty sure that's the exact wheelset I got, and for the exact same purpose -- road wheelset with slicks. (And I also run the Bontragers with cross tires on my '05 Poprad).

    Anyway, I love these wheels. The bike is noticeably lighter with them on, and I really like how nible and fast they feel.

    FWIW, I'm 6' 175. No spoke problems, and no trueing probs.

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