If you've been watching the news and the weather, you've probably heard that the Washington DC area got slammed with an oceanfull of rain in the past few days. And if you live in the Washington DC area, well, then you didn't need to watch the news on TV to see what was going on, all you had to do was just look out the window or step outside the door. Either way, DC is a mess, and Rock Creek Park in particular, is a disaster.

Except, of course, if you ride a cyclocross bike!

There is mud, mud, mud glorious mud. Sand, dirt, mud, and water is all over the highway and in particular, on the bike path along side the stream (which is now a rushing torrent of muddy water) is wrecked. However, I got a good training ride today, riding laps up the path from the P street bridge to the bridge leading up to Kalorama, just before the zoo. Along the way was mucky grass, thick sand that required some dismounting, muddy puddles, and strewn sticks, leaves, and rocks. At the end of the path, I got to blaze down the sandy, dirty, wet road back to the start of the path again. Along the way, just past the P Street bridge heading towards M street, I spotted a green BMW washed into the creek.

So go ride it (at your own risk, there's serious damage out there). Just check first to se if the road is still closed. And go give your CX rig a nice coating of tropical summer mud!