My first post. I have read all of the previous threads that have discussed the Conquest Disc-R, and I found the exact differences in frame geometry between the Conquest Pro and the Disc-R. I currently ride a 54cm Conquest (2003), and this bike is headed to my fiance as her daily commuter. I am 5'11" and ride a 58cm road bike and after a test ride decided that the Conquest Pro 56cm was a better fit than my 54cm. I found an incredible deal on a 2005 Disc-R with < 50 miles on it - $800. I could not pass it up, but would now like to know if I should look to use the components to build on a Conquest Pro frame and sell the Conquest Disc-R frame or if the differences in geometry will not matter???

Frame Size 56 Pro 56 Disc
Head Angle 72 vs. 75
Seat Angle 73 vs. 73
Eff Top Tube 56.5 vs. 55.82
Chain Stay 43.5 vs. 42
BB Height 28.5 vs. 26.5
Fork Offset 4.5 vs. 4.5
Wheel Base 103.2 vs. 100.59

So...what do these differences (lower BB, increased head angle...) equate to? I will use the bike as a commuter (14 miles / day) and occasionally take it on gravel trails. Thanks for your help.