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    Looking to buy a new bike

    I posted this on the road riding page and thought I might get more response here:

    I am seriously considering placing my old Bianchi in semi-retirement and replacing it with a new machine. Most of my riding is on the road but I like the sturdiness and general utility of cyclocross bikes. I have been looking mostly at three different bikes: the Surly Cross-Check, the Kona Jake the Snake and the Trek XO as possible candidates.

    I would be interested in the views of any one who owns any one of these bikes. Opinions about similar machines is welcome as well. Right now, I am leaning heavily toward the Cross Check as I am a big fan of steel frames and bar con shifters.
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    I test road a Felt and the Specialized- ended up ordering the '07 Tricross. I'm not used to the ride of a road bike coming from a mountain bike so the plusher ride of the Specialized was very welcome.

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