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    07 Cannondale Cyclocross Optimo Disc 2

    I have been looking for a cross bike, but being 56 and 30 inseam, only one of my LBS had one in stock in my size and it was a Bianchi Axis. I was hoping to find a disc cross bike. One dealer offered to order in a bike, and thought he could get an 06 Cannondale Cyclocross disc and offered it at a price of $1399.00 which I jumped at for a disc / Ultegra / 105 Cross bike. Well the bike came in yesterday, but it was the 07, not the 06. Only problem is that the 07 has been down graded in some ways. The bike is beautiful, in a matt black with bright white lettering, it really is visually stunning. But it now has 105 / Tiagra, with Tiagra shifters and different wheels than last year. My LBS is willing to upgrade the shifters to 105 for $50.00, and honestly the new 105 rear derailleur looks like last years Ultegra. I can live with the Tiagra front derailleur, and much of the rest of the bike is nicer in some ways than the 06. The bottom bracket is now external bearing while the one large 06 Cannondale Cross non disc bike they have on the floor is a standard bottom bracket. Also the saddle, stem, and seatpost all seem to have been upgraded. Last, I personally prefer the cosmetics of the 07, even the head tube looks hot with a real badge, not just a sticker.

    So why am I not totally stoked, I guess I just thought I was getting an Ultegra / 105 bike with Mavic Open Pro rims and discs at a steal. I am not sure $1399.00 is really a hot price on a 105 / Tiagra bike. We are in end of season sale time here and last weekend I rode an all carbon Fugi Team bike which was under 20 lbs, and which was on sale for $1199.00. I have no idea of how good a price this is on the 07 Cannondale. I have also never ridden it and the sizing is a bit odd for these Cannondale Cross bikes. They are far more than one size off. To get to a 30.5 standover I needed to get a 47cm frame. It seems to be about right, we slid the wheels into it and the standover was good and the reach was good, but it seems so strange to be getting a 47. Last, anyone know anything about the new Mach 1 rims? The wheels seem heavy, but I guess that means heavy duty which is good. Hanging the partially assembled bike on a scale it came in at 21 lbs with everything but the front caliper and tape on or attached to the bike.

    Sorry to ramble on, just feeling out my emotions on first seeing the bike come out of the box, being totally stoked by the cosmetics, then cooled off to realize it was 105 / Tiagra, but I can fix the Tiagra part, and there are very few Disc Cross bikes available. I should be happy I have found one in my size and run with it.

    Let me know what you all think, and I will post pick pics when I have the bike home, the dealer had to order the 105 shifters.

    Thanks for listening.

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    If the bike fits, it's a win. You'll go thriugh parts on a cross bike quicker than you think... Just upgrade when needed. I would keep an eye on your LBS in the future.

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