There have been several discussions about the Lemond Poprad and fork shudder when braking. I have an '07 Poprad Disc. My carbon Bontrager Satellite fork shudders when I brake moderate-to-hard on anything other than loose sand/dirt or mud.

I've been told that since cross bikes are a little more slack in the geometry. That means less weight on the front wheel and that means fork shudder when the front wheel has good traction. Hmmmmm . . . To be honest, I don't know enough to have an opinion on this.

I have three questions . . . .

1) Do all disc cross bikes shudder?

2) Is there anything I can do to make my Poprad not shudder?

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . will this shudder cause a failure of some sort that could lead to a serious accident? (Of interest: I *feel* the shudder in my handlebars just a bit--I feel in control. But looking down at the front hub . . . it's a little scary. That sucker's moving.)

Thanks in advance for the info and insight.