Well. I race XC as of now and need something to do during the winter. Since riding XC can only be done during select times in the winter/fall and there are no races, I was thinking of getting into Cyclo-cross. It seems like the perfect training for me. Anyways.

I found a list of all the races in Colorado and plan on trying to do as many as possible. The first race I go to I was going to ride my XC bike in just to get a feel for what Cyclo-cross is like. After that I plan on getting a 'cross bike if I really like it. After watching videos and reading about it I'm really excited to try it out.

I was going to start looking for a bike already so I don't have to worry to much about it after the race and I can just start saving money.

The bike that I had in mind would be a good, new, $800 or lower bike that will work for a beginner.

Currently, I was looking at the Kona Jake.

Seems like a great bike for the price and for me to race a season + on.

All help is great and tips are awesome too! Thanks in advance.