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    New frame questions?

    Hey all, I'm glad I found this board, there's a wealth of info here.

    I shipped my bike via Fedex Ground recently (big mistake). They lost it, found it and then destroyed it. :-( It was a 2001 Jake the Snake. I did insure the bike, but unfortunately Kona has upped the spec on the new Jakes and uses a new frame material so the insurance payment will not be enough to cover the cost of a replacement bike.

    So I'm on a budget and I'm looking around for a decent ride for ~$800 or less if I can. I'm resorting to the internet as there aren't really any decent LBS' in my area.

    Here's what I've found so far.

    '01 Trek XO - 800
    '01 Conquest - 750
    '01 ZRX - 700

    or I can pick up an Enemy frame for 300 or a Conquest Pro frame for 350

    Does anyone have any comments on these bikes? Any leads to other good deals?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I own an enemy that I have built up for racing this past season. I spec'd some pretty trick parts but even without those this thing rocks. The frame geometry is really likable and very responsive. It is fairly light and the aluminum rides very well. I had not expected such performance from a value priced frameset. You can also run discs on it which is pretty freakin cool. Mine has avid mechanicals with King hubs and XTR/Dura Ace parts. Good luck.

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