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    cyclocross bike question???

    does a cyclocross and road frames differ in geometry?

    can i use a road frame to build a cyclocross bike?

    supposing i have a road bike and i want to set it up as cyclocross. what do i need to replace? tires? rim? crankset? brakes?

    do i need to replace the fork? i have a look-hsc carbonfiber fork.

    i have never seen a cyclocross before... and from where i'm live, i don't think no one owns one.

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    Yes, road bikes are different, and many road bike frames are not going to be too good for 'cross.

    The biggest problem will be tire clearance. Many road frames are so tight they won't clear even a 700x28c between the stays or behind the seat tube. You'll have a hard time fitting 'cross tires on such frames. And even if you can get the bigger tires on there, you won't have cantilever brake bosses, which are the usual solution for clearing bigger tires.

    The next problem is "rise" below the bottom bracket shell. 'Cross bikes have more rise, for increased ground clearance.

    Also, you have to look at cable routing. Shouldering the bike is usually necessary at some point in the race, and cables routed along the bottom of the top tube can make that problematic.

    If there's no 'cross racing available to you, why do you want a 'cross bike?

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    Basicaly to convert a road bike to cyclocorss you need to replace the frame, fork, large chainring up front and brakes. I know I did that to one of my bikes, sold off the frame, fork and brakes and most rest of the components across. Since cyclocross you need larger tires, also canti-brakes to fit the larger tires and for mud clearance.

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