That's right boys and girls, the biggest sporting event of the year, the one that everyone will be watching, the one that has the dedicated and hardcore fans at the paramount of thier passions and fervor, the one we've been waiting for and making the predictions, is now, finally, is just around the corner..., it's not that silly little "football" game they're playing down in Florida...


Forget the swampy heat of Florida, the real action happens in the crisp air and luscious mud of Hooglede-Gits, Belgium, and this promises to be a good one. Sven Nys is the main draw, a winner here before who as always is near-unstoppable. This year, though, fellow Belgians like current World Champion Erwin Vervecken and Bart "karate-kick" Wellens have kinked the cannibal's armor. Then there are the potential invaders of the cyclocross stronghold that is Belgium: Francis Mourey of France, Enrico Franzio of Italy, and Gerben DeKnecht of the Netherlands. Other dark horses include the likes of Sven Varenthout and Petr Dlask.

And of course, there are our boys riding for the good ol' U S of A. Jonathan Page will likely score a high finish, but will have every inention of scoring the highest of all. Look also for some good riding from the
Kona tree farm, Ryan Trabon and Barry Wicks. However, rumors have been confirmed that Jpearl will not be starting in Hooglede-Gits, and it is rumored that this has given Nys, Wellens, and Page a reason to breath a little easier (this is, of course, all rumors).

Either way, bust out the cow bells, gins and trombones. The action won't be happening in a stadium in Miami, it'll happen in a field in Belgium. It's the 2007 World Cyclocross Championships, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! You can bring your seats, but you'll only need the edge...DON'T MISS IT!!!