So the work week is over, the recent winter storm is now just a mere puff over the North Atlantic, and today was a great day to own a cyclocross bike in Washington DC. After the past few days of slick, icy, slushy sidewalks (enjoyed by those of us who own Gore-Tex winter hiking boots), unridable roads, and near fist-fights with enraged Metro riders, a spin today on the Capitol Crescent was a ride through paradise.

Long Story Short:
Surface was hard, flat, and fast. The ice was just soft and textured enough on the surface to allow traction, and running my 32cc Speedmax's at 60psi gave added purchase. The snow was choppy in some spots, due in part to the crater-like stretches left behind by hikers, dogs, and nordic skiers (the skate-stylers were out). Every now and then, I would break through the crust and sink a few inches, but then pull the whole bike up back onto the hard surface and continue to hammer. Great workout, got a burn on the thighs and a nice rhythm in the heartrate. Played around on a near-frozen field and got some beautiful zen time by the frozen Potomac. Along the way I got tickled by passing flurrys and at other times basked in some great pre-spring sunshine. The world was blue, brown, and white, and at speed on the hardpacked and furiously fast ice, it all blurred together beautifully.

Man, what a lovely day to ride a bike, and what a great day to be a cyclocrosser here in DC!