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    What on earth qualifies as a "light" wheelset?

    Obviously i haven't been paying much attention-- plus i don't have a weight scale in my workspace.

    I see plenty of references to wheels being too heavy, or weighting too much, or lighter than brand x or whatever.

    What qualifies as a light wheelset? Anyone have any numbers?

    Thanks for helping me out...
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    There is a whole spectrum of "light". Trying to put this in some kind of reasonable order....

    - Not for hucking bigger than 10 feet.
    - Not for urban & trials.
    - Not for rock gardens at speed.
    - Not for clydes offroad.
    - Not for curb jumping.
    - Not for big mashers who tend to notice wheel flex.
    - Not for anything other than race day.
    - Not for anyone without full insurance coverage.

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