I really need help searching for a used bike. This will be the first bike I buy since my childhood department store MTB. I really want a CX but only have about $400 to spend. I need it for commuting/light trails/weekend rides. I'm obsessing over the LeMond Poprad after my latest research, but what is the best for the money at this budget? I think at this point I need someone to give me a jolt of reality to get my head on straight. I'm like a kid in a candy store, salivating but with only a nickel to spend... The problem is, I need a bike sooner than later. I didn't renew my parking pass for school, and classes start in less than 4 weeks! Are there any good places to search other than ebay, craigslist, oodle? I wouldn't say I'm desperate yet, but I'm getting that way!

(Sorry mods, wasn't sure which forum to put this in)