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    Specialized Tricross SS, or Comp

    Want to do some cyclocross this fall, work at a bike shop and have Trek and Specialized bikes at my store, we dont have a large cross community, but I want to give a try in the off season from road this fall. If I intends to do an entire series, what should I get, a SS or a geared bike?

    Also, just any advice as whether I'd be better purchasing a frame and building it up, or just getting the whole bike as a starter to see if I like it.

    The comp has a triple, but the expert and sport both have doubles, I prefer a double on the road, this cross this is all new to me, so open ears here

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    hm, i love my ss cross bike but if cost werent a factor and if i had other bikes to fit my needs i'd probably go geared. another concern is what conditions you'll be racing in. if i'm regularly riding through six inch deep peanut-butter mud i'd prefer a singlespeed.

    if you work in a shop, getting a complete is almost certainly more economical unless you intend to swap out a bunch of stuff.

    triples can sometimes require more attention than doubles, but they're not too much trouble if you adjust them when they need it. if it bugs you you can always just take the front derailleur off and go single up front, that's a pretty common setup.

    good luck!
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