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    Scattante frames - any users?

    All -

    A recent crash has trashed my Nova. While I can salvage almost all the components, the frame & fork are only good for yard-art or hood ornaments. I've read through the thread detailing some people woes with Nashbar's cross frame/fork, but what about Performance's stuff? Any users?

    After a debacle last spring, I told myself I'd try not to use them anymore, but cost is a significant consideration for me right now. And I sort of like the paint.

    Any opinions?


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    I haven't ridden one and I've never done cross. That said just looking at I can identify one flaw. The top tube is not round and the pointest part of it's ovalization is on the bottom right where the bike would be shouldered when carried.

    If you don't carry your bike on your shoulder this is a non issue. Other than that it looks like a great bang for the buck. It was just 225 but now is 279, I've been watching though and maybe it will come down again.

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    yup, I have one. I really, really like it. I've been using it as a training bike (for road racing) and for a century bike (150 miles is my max on it) and will be using it for cross this season and for my brevet season next year it's also a great commuter. It's a better bike than it should be for the price and i'm very happy with my purchase. It is light, stiff and not uncomfortable at all. I am 6' 3.5" and 210 lbs. I have the largest avaliable size which is a 59 I believe and it fits me very well. I do agree that the top tube is poorly designed, put some dense foam padding there if it's really an issue...

    A great value in my opinion and i'd buy it again in a second.
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