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Thread: Xr800

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    So i finally bought myself a proper bike. Had a little trouble deciding between the Cannondale R800 triple (full 105) while was selling for 1710 CA$ and the XR800 (tiagra and a mix of other stuff) which was 1800 CA$. Anyway, i finally settled on the XR800 because it will probably be more durable on unpaved backroads, trails and in the 5 months of hard winter snow. There was a Jake the Snake selling for 1450 marked down from 1800 but it felt a bit heavy and looked too cheerful so i left that out.

    Either had diff specs than in the brochure. ultegra rear mech (vs 105), mavic cpx 21 instead of 22's, and a front coda hub and read tiagra (sposed to be cannondale omega road). The seat is also different - not sure of the model. brakes are cannondale omega i think, sposed to be tektro oryx.

    the seat really hurts my ass though but will post about that in general. anyhow heres a pic - really grainy cause of crappy camera

    edit* - the dealer marked it down from 1900, and threw in a pair of cheap coda spd pedals. he also flipped the stem cause he said it would make him feel better. this bike will be mostly used as a commuter and for fitness rides.
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    Looks great. I'm seriously thinking of a Cdale cross bike, but the one with headshok. That XR looks great, love that fork and you're right it's the perfect do it all rig.

    Looks like you got some good upgrades on the frame. Maybe the shop took the cheaper parts off for another customer and just replaced them with Ultegra? Anyway, you win in the end
    Glad he flipped the stem- bike looks setup nice.

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