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Thread: Wheel Advice

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    Wheel Advice

    I just started Cyclocross - what a great way to race. I bought the new Giant TCX which I think is going to be a great bike for me unfortunately Giant put their less than good Xero XSR-3 wheelset on this rig.

    Since I've already had to have both wheels trued I'm thinking I'll need to get a better set. I'm 175lb and I've traditionally been a bit hard on wheels although the Velomax Circuits on my road bike have been awesome (I just don't have $400 for a set on my cross bike)

    Here are the options I've considering since I'd like to be in the $200 range:

    1. Open Pros with Ulterga hubs - everybody raves about the durability
    2. Reynolds Alta Race - these are about 400 grams lighter than the Open Pros
    3. Easton Vistas
    4. Shimano 105 Wheels (R-560) - I like the straight pull spokes

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    i had alot of success with neuvation m-28s. my weight has been as high as 208 and as low as 203 this season, and i noticed no changes in the wheelset, which i have also use for commuting since february. the only problem i had with them was i got my foot stuck in the front wheel and almost went over the handlebars - that put a skip in the front wheel, but i still was able to race starcrossed and a local warmup race at the begining of september, as well as participate in weekly practices without problems.

    i've gone over to open pro's on record hubs, since i am using a campy drivetrain. they are lighter, roll faster than the neuvations (which were SIGNIFINICANTLY fast than the velocity wheels they replaced), and theorectically should hold up better, although i won't get to practice on them until tomarrow night, and won't race on them until sunday. hope this all helps!

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