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Thread: Bar Ends

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    Bar Ends

    I am planning to ride a Trek 7.5 FX for cross for the remainder of the season, but cant really afford to put drops/shimano 105 shifters on it yet, so it's been recommended I just ride with the straight bars, which I'm going to do -- it's just stock, except for the Michelin Mud2's I had put on.

    Anyway, to get some extra ergonomics, I would love to put some sort of bar end, but they seem to be illegal across the board, huh?

    I don't really need the reason...I'll trust the consensus, but wondered if ALL bar ends were illegal without any any evaluation, or if there were standards. I have seen something called a cateye bar bone(s), which look a bit safer, if the concern is a puncture or getting the bars caught on something.

    Anyone had any experience with this topic, or anyone part of a rules committee that could give me a ruling on the bar bones?

    I hope to get some drops/shifters asap, but will have to make due for now.


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    Our series (orrville cross) would not let people mass start with forward facing bar ends. Just like a mass start road race will not let you start with areo bars.

    Also race what you have dont worry about drop bars and fancy shifters. Plenty of people race old flat bar mt bikes.

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